Things to Consider When Choosing a Bariatric Surgery Facility in Mexico

While planning to undergo bariatric surgery in Mexico, it is crucial to choose the right Bariatric Surgery Center or Hospital. The surgeon you choose to perform your weight-loss surgery is going to be the most important factor in the outcome of your surgery. The bariatric surgery facility you choose carries nearly the same importance.

Making sure that you are NOT undergoing your surgery in an outdated facility

Many outdated centers and hospitals don’t have the necessary comforts patients expect. A lack of updated amenities can lead to higher surgical risks and is prone to more complications.

For example, operating tables, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, can limit the necessary maneuverability, including the angle, for the surgeon to perform a surgery at their comfort level. This can cause undue pressure and uncomfortableness for the surgeon.

Therefore, it is crucial while making your choice, to make sure you choose a surgery center or hospital in Mexico that is a new facility or a facility which constantly updates their equipment allowing the surgeons to perform in comfort and to take advantage of the newest medical technologies.

Certifications and Accreditations:

When one undergoes weight loss surgery in another country, it is important to find a hospital which conforms to the highest standards. In Mexico, there are dozens of hospitals that offer medical tourism and only a handful that truly specialize in medical tourism.

A quick way to distinguish hospitals is by their accreditations, especially the relevant organizations: the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the General Health Council of Mexico. Both organizations are highly regarded and allow patients the ability to identify how they conform to standards without visiting. These accreditations are typically stricter standards than in the United States, and will provide a seamless transition to a Mexico hospital from Canada or the U.S.

Cleanliness, Repeated Use

Many facilities can be hurt by their lackluster cleaning schedules. In order to insure the highest levels of care, facilities ought to be cleaned regularly - especially the operating room. With many bariatric surgeons performing dozens of surgeries a week, cleanliness becomes paramount.

These cleaning reports are continually monitored by accrediting organizations, so it is important to view the hospital’s certifications to make sure your hospital is clean.

Many surgeons, who provide inexpensive weight loss surgeries, will be trying to lower their surgeon fees by reusing, normally non-reusable medical equipment. When a surgeon or a facilitating company does this, it likely increases the risks of developing complications or unwanted side effects. It’s necessary to ask around, to contact the surgeon and the hospital to make sure they aren’t skimping on cleanliness.

Necessary Equipment

The equipment and the operating room technologies can dictate how precise a surgeon can be - leading to a more efficient bariatric surgery. Below are some very important technologies that bariatric surgeons and facilities should require (depending on the surgery type):

  • Laparoscopic Tower
  • Harmonics Scalpel Generator (Important in surgery and an effective recovery).

Intensive Care Unit or Intermediate Care Unit

If something goes wrong with your bariatric surgery, it is important to make sure the bariatric surgery facility has an ICU. A full Intensive Care Unit is very expensive and hard to maintain, but can literally save your life in case of an emergency. A blood bank, or extra supply of blood is needed in a ICU or an Intermediate Care Unit to be successful.


Every hospital listed in Mexico Bariatric Surgery Centers shows, to the best of our knowledge, the quality of hospitals relative to each other. This site is not meant to replace your own research and investigation. Use Mexico Bariatric Surgery Center to narrow down your search, then do your own necessary and comprehensive research.

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